Use Twitter Cards To Amplify Your Tweets

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What are Twitter cards?

Twitter cards allow you to attach a preview of your content to tweets that contain a link to your website’s content. This nifty feature is easily accomplished by adding a few lines of html code to your posts. When people click on your tweet it will expand and show the contents of your twitter card. Before describing how to add twitter cards to your posts, we will briefly explain why you should consider using twitter cards.

Why should I Create Twitter cards?

  • It creates a richer media experience for your tweets by attaching video or images to your tweets.
  • Increase the character limit by displaying the meta info for your link.
  • Give the author of a post credit for their work.
  • Helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Instant Credibility Boost.
  • Twitter Cards are easy to create.

What types of  Twitter Cards are available?

There are many different types of content that can be used with twitter cards. Some Twitter cards display photos and some integrate with video content. See below for some of the twitter cards that are available.

Twitter Summary Card 

This is the default card it includes a title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.


Twitter Summary Card with Large Image

Similar to a Summary Card, but offers the ability to prominently feature an image.This twitter Card requires an image with minimum width of 280, and a minimum height of 150. If the image is not that size or bigger then it will not display, even as a thumbnail. (Note twitter asks the file not be bigger then 1mb)


Twitter Photo Card

A Tweet sized photo card.Twitter will not create a photo card unless the image is of a minimum size of 280px wide by 150px tall.


Twitter Gallery Card

A Tweet card geared toward highlighting a collection of photos.


Twitter App Card

According to twitter, “App Card is a great way to better represent mobile applications on Twitter and to drive installs.”  Twitter auto-creates App Cards for Tweets which contain a link to either the App Store or Google Play. This means that you can create an App Card experience just by sharing links directly to the download page for your application.

Note: We haven’t fully tested this to confirm feature. Although Twitter claims that app store links would automatically create twitter app cards, it does not seem to be working. Note you can also use deep linking to have any twitter card open in an app.

Twitter Player Card

The Player Card is for streaming media experiences such as video and audio, and allows you to present your content inside of an iframe within the Tweet. Note that this type of card requires special approval and is not available for immediate approval.

Twitter Product Card

This Card type is designed to showcase your products via an image, a description, and allow you to highlight two other key details about your product.



Note advertisers on twitter have another twitter card option. Advertisers can add a signup form to Twitter using Twitter’s Lead Generation Card.

How to use twitter cards (Two Methods)

Standard Twitter Card Creation

(1) Visit Twitter Validator

(2) Select the type of twitter card you wish to use. Make sure images meet the minumum dimensions for that type of card.


(3) Fill out the try cards tab using standard tags. Some of the choices are optional.

(4) Add the meta tags to your page

(5) Use the Validator Tool to test your page’s link. Enter the URL of a page containing card meta tags. Once your page has been validated, you can request final approval for your card.


It may take a short period of time for your website to be approved. (Short being days or in some cases a few weeks.) Long Island Marketing Company has not applied for twitter player cards or product cards and these may take even longer to be approved.

Create twitter Cards Using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin

Note this will help you create a twitter summary card on all of your wordpress pages or posts. For other types of twitter cards use the standard twitter card creation method.

(1) Download WordPress SEO by Yoast


(2) Activate The Plugin

(3) In the wordpress dashboard select SEO and click on the social tab.

(4) Click on the twitter tab and check the twitter box.

(5) Enter Your twitter handle and click save settings.

(6) Test the twitter card implementation using twitter’s validator tool.

Twitter Cards are easy to implement and can add something significant to your tweets. If you have any twitter questions feel free to sound off in the comment section.


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Jonathan Scheine is president of Long Island Marketing Company, a web design and strategic marketing company located in Hauppauge, NY.
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  1. says

    Thanks for the post, Jonathan!
    Twitter cards for sure can bring many benefits. One of them that I’ve instantly recognized is creating content that is more sharable and likeable. It means more retweets, favorites and traffic to your sites.

  2. says


    Oh wow, nice details and write up on Twitter cards. For me, twitter cards help to make people click and read. Does it really impact your clicks? Yes for me but i know some who doesn’t.

    Basically, just make sure you are using the right images and of course, focus on your first few sentences. Those are vital.

    Great write and keep it up.


    • says

      Thanks for commenting Reginald. For us it’s hard to say, we were getting decent referral traffic from twitter before and after implementing twitter cards. It is also further clouded by the fact that sometimes analytics for and other shortening services show up as direct clicks and not referrals. With that said it is easy to implement and it really does make your tweets stand out.


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